Monday, August 01, 2016

Canada's Pat Hervey Has Died

Just received word from Jamie Anstey, the President of Canadian National Music Co.that Pat Hervey has passed away after a 15 month battle with cancer. Pat was raised in Toronto and sang from an early age as a hobby occasionally performing at high school functions. During a performance at an amateur variety show she was spotted by disc jockey Al Boliska who lined her up with CBC-TV in Toronto who like her so much she became a regular on the weekly network shows 'While You Were Young', 'Holiday Ranch', 'Club Six' and 'Country Hoedown'.

Her voice and presence attracted the attention of Chateau Records president Art Snider who signed her for several 7" single releases including her first, and biggest, hit "Mr. Heartache" in 1962.

With her television exposure and incessant touring, Nashville producer Chet Atkins took notice and helped her secure a recording contract with RCA Victor. Atkins produced several singles, including her 1963 hit "Tears Of Misery" and a full length LP which was all new material that didn't include her hits.

In 1973 Hervey was part of the regular cast of musicians (which also included Joani Taylor) on CBC television's The Judy And Jim Show.

Having moved onto another label for her musical output, like many of the Canadian female performers in the late '60's, Hervey decided to give up show business to get married and raise a family.

Here are two of Pat's fantastic hit records.

R.I.P. Pat Hervey