Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Voice Your Choice Results

Thanks for participating in our weekly feature: Voice Your Choice on Treasure Island Oldies

January 29, 2006
ARTIST: Rare Earth
CHOICES: Get Ready or I Just Want To Celebrate
WINNING SONG: I Just Want To Celebrate (56% of all votes)

Voice Your Choice

This week's Voice Your Choice on Treasure Island Oldies:

February 5, 2006

Harpers Bizarre
  • Come To the Sunshine
  • Chatanooga Choo Choo
Click to our home page and select the song you would like me to play.

The votes will be tabulated and the winning song will be played in Hour 3

Have your say in what we play at Treasure Island Oldies.

Monday, January 30, 2006

This Week On The Show

Be sure to join us this and every Sunday for another live edition of Treasure Island Oldies. Remember, you can also listen to the archived shows or our Continuous 24/7 Feed at any time.

Hour 1 regular weekly features:
  • EJ Phillips Oldies of the Week (a song suggested from this Troy, North Carolina listener, who has been doing this since almost the beginning of the show)
  • One Hit Wonder
  • BBC - Britt Beatles Classic (a Fab Four song, either 45 or album cut, suggested by Britt from Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
  • Made In Canada - a weekly spotlight of a song that made it internationally by a recording artists or group from somewhere in Canada)
  • Lounge Double - Every week the Treasure Island Oldies Lounge fdeatures a double, two songs that would sound great if heard live in a lounge or bar)
  • Wheel of Travel - Every week we travel to a different city to hear a song by that city or town's famous performer(s).
  • Instrumental Gem of the Week - There used to be a time when instrumentals were a regular thing, unlike today. Every week a well known instrumental song is played.

Hour 2 regular weekly features:
  • Rock & Roll News, Birthdays and the Top 5 Countdown from Rock & Roll History. This week the year will be 1966.
  • Compare The Hits - Two artists performing the same song and both were hits.
Hour 3 regular weekly features:
  • Moment In Time - There is always a story behind every song and every week that story is told from a moment in time.
  • Car Tune - Fill up the car with gas and crank up the volume, as we play a classic driving song.
  • Voice Your Choice - This week it's Harpers Bizarre: Come To The Sunshine OR Chatanooga Choo Choo. Come to the main page of the website and cast your vote. We'll play the winning song in Hour 3.
Hour 4 regular weekly features:
  • Rock & Roll Reunion - We return to our roots: the 1950s for a Rock & Roll Sock Hop and dance away to the great '50s tunes
  • Spot Dance - At the end of the Rock & Roll Reunion, we roll up the carpet, turn the lights down low, get the mirror ball spinning slowly, grab our dance partner and dance away to two dreamy slow numbers.
Of course, throughout the show you will hear lots of Lost Treasures, either rarely heard or hard to find hits.

Join us this and every week.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Great Show Tonight - Thank You

I would like to thank you for the great fun and for sharing our music memories once again this week. It was great having Fred Hume in the studio as a guest on our R&B/Soul Music special. Thank you for the feedback from the chat room, email and my blog. Your comments make all this worthwhile.

Speaking of the chat room, congratulations to Jill and Tim, celebrating their first anniversary of meeting each other in the Treasure Island Oldies Chat Room. They just returned from a wonderful tropical holiday in the Caribbean to celebrate their happiness. Welcome home; it was great chatting with you this evening. Tim said "Thank you Michael for having this website, this internet radio show and this chat room. Without it, Jill and I may never have met each other.
Love you all, Tim and Jill.

Isn't that great?! Stop by the show and discover for yourself what has been happening on the Internet every week since 1997.

Friday, January 27, 2006

R&B Soul Music Special

Listen to Treasure Island Oldies live this Sunday

January 29, 2006 from 6 to 10 p.m. Pacific

For this R&B Soul Music Special, joining me in the studio will be Fred Hume and we will be chatting about and playing 4 hours worth of R&B Soul favourites plus hard to find, rarely heard Lost Treasures.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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