Friday, March 30, 2007

Enter Yourself on Our World Map

I am pleased to introduce a fun new service to our Blog readers and show listeners, a world Map that you can add your name and location. Let's fill the map together!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Beatles - Voice Your Choice

The Beatles not only set the world on fire with their music, looks and charm, and were the forerunners of the British Invasion in the early 60s, but they also reached out to fans worldwide with their debut motion picture, A Hard Day's Night. For many, or perhaps most who would never have the opportunity to see them perform live in concert, it was the absolute best alternative. There was as much screaming in the movie theatres while The Beatles were on screen as if they were performing live on stage.

I remember my sister and I and our friends were all exscited to go see A Hard Day's Night. Was I ever disappointed when the day we were to see the movie, I came down with a flu bug and was unable to go with the whole gang. Once I got better I finally got to see it, but instead of going with my friends, my mom and aunt took me. Not quite the same thing let me tell you!!

A little aside...about two years ago I had the occasion to be in Toronto on business and then needed to go to Montreal. I decided to take the train and had my laptop with me. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD of A Hard Day's Night. The fact that the movie started out with them on the train from Liverpool to London didn't escape me as I was on a train myself. What a treat that was!

This week on Treasure Island Oldies, Voice Your Choice presents two great songs from the soundtrack from A Hard Day's Night: I Should Have Known Better and I'm Happy Just To Dance With You. I know it's a hard call to make, but which song do you prefer?

Come to Treasure Island Oldies and the Voice Your Choice page to make your selection. We'll play the song with the most votes in Hour 3 of this week's show.

Dave Clark Five - Song Of The Week

The Dave Clark Five with their massive hit Bits And Pieces is our Song of the Week. Enjoy this clip from the British TV show Top Of The Pops.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fabulous Flips - The B Sides

Remember when you used to buy your 45 rpm records at your favourite record shop? You'd rush home to play them, including the B Side. In many cases, you became as familiar with the B side as the "hit" A Side. Today you may no longer have your 45 collection and maybe don't even have a turntable to play them on, and it's probably been many years since you've heard those wonderful B Sides. That's about to change!

This week on Treasure Island Oldies, we're going to bring back some of those great memories for you as we present for the first time ever on the show, the Fabulous Flips - The B Sides!

Thanks for your email requests and suggestions for songs to play on this very special edition of the show. I've gone through my own personal 45 collestion to bring you some fantastic B Sides. On occasion those B Sides became a double sided hit; for example Ricky Nelson's Hello Mary Lou and Travellin' Man. In some cases the original A Side was flipped over in favour of the B Side, as with The Big Bopper. Chantilly Lace was originally the B Side and Purple People Eater (Meets The Witch Doctor) was the intended A Side. Whatever was the case, we will play both the A and the B Sides of some great records.

You'll "flip out" when you hear what's in store for you this week on Treasure Island Oldies. Listen LIVE this Sunday, March 25, beginning at 6 p./m. Pacific (9 p.m. Eastern) and later on the Archive.

This is going to be great! See you on Treasure Island Oldies for the Fabulous Flips!

Gordon Lightfoot - Voice Your Choice

Gordon Lightfoot was born on November 17, 1938 in Orillia, Ontario and became one of the most respected songwriters of the folk music era. Many of his songs have been recorded by other artists, one example being Peter, Paul & Mary, who had a big hit with Early Mornin' Rain. Early in his career, having honed his writing and singing in Toronto's Yorkville district in the '60s, he recorded for Chateau Records and later with United Artists. For a long time he was managed by a music industry colleague of mine, Al Mair.

This week on Voice Your Choice we focus on two of his later recordings for Reprise Records: Sundown ( #1 Gold record) and Carefree Highway (Top Ten), both from 1974. Which song do you prefer? Come to the Treasure Island Oldies Voice Your Choice page and make your selection. The song with the most votes will be played during Hour 3 of this week's show.

O'Kaysions - Song of the Week

The O'Kaysions were from Wilson, North Carolina and included Donny Weaver (vocals, organ), Wayne Pittman (guitar), Ron Turner (trumpet), Jim Spidel (sax), Jimmy Hennant (bass), and Bruce Joyner (drums).

Until I saw this clip, I always just assumed they were a black R&B group. Lesson learned...never assume. I know you'll enjoy this classic from the summer of 1968, Girl Watcher!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Lemon Pipers - Song Of The Week

Some psychedelic bubblegum for you for the Treasure Island Oldies Song of the Week by The Lemon Pipers: Green Tambourine. When you watch the clip, you'll wonder what they were on!!!


Joey Dee & The Starliters - Voice Your Choice

Joey Dee, born Joseph DiNicola on June 6, 1040 in Passaic, New Jersey, was a high school classmate of The Shirelles. And for a short time he was even a label mate of theirs on Scepter Records. Joey Dee & The Starliters were formed as the house band at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City in September 1960. They had quite the lineup over a short time, including actor Joe Pesci who played guitar with the band for a brief time in 1961.

In 1964 they opened their own club, The Starliter, also in New York City and during that time the band included three members who later formed The Young Rascals: Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish and Eddie Brigati. Even Jimi Hendrix played in the band in 1965-66. What a rich musical history!

This week on Treasure Island Oldies, Voice Your Choice spotlights Joey Dee & The Starliters and two of their biggest and best known hits: Peppermint Twist - Part 1 and Shout - Part 1.

Come to the Voice Your Choice page and place your vote for the song you prefer. We'll play the winning song on this week's show in Hour 3.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brad Delp Boston Lead Singer Found Dead

Brad Delp, lead singer with Boston was found dead Friday, March 9, at his home in New Hampshire at age 55.

My sincere thanks to Treasure Island Oldies listener Scott Harmon for sending this note to me:

Hey, Michael. This is Scott Harmon, from Phenix City, Alabama. You might remeber me from requesting a song by The American Breed a few months back. Well, I'm back, but this time, I am writing to you with a very heavy heart. I have just learned of the tragic death of Brad Delp, the lead singer of the 70's rock powerhouse known as Boston. Brad died Friday morning at his home in New Hampshire at the age of 55. An immediate cause of death is unknown, and an official autopsy will be performed within the coming weeks. Who would have ever thought that Boston would conjure up one of the biggest selling debut albums in rock history, an album that, to this date, has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide. I have all of Boston's albums in my CD collection, and I am proud to say that I never get tired of listening to Brad's amazing voice. We here at Treasure Island Oldies send out our deepest sympathy to Brad's family and friends, and to Tom Sholtz and the rest of the Boston gang. Mike, let's give Brad the sendofff that he definitely needs. Please play Boston's 1978 Top 30 hit "A Man I'll Never Be".Because the rock business needs more men like Brad Delp. Thank you, Mike, and keep on digging up those lost and forgotten oldies.
Scott Harmon

Scott, for you and the millions of the other Boston fans, I will be pleased to play A Man I'll Never Be for you on the show this week. Thank you.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Save Net Radio

In The United States, Internet radio is currently in danger. On March 2, 2006, The CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) approved royalty rates that will bury any small webcaster, and create a heavy burden even for big broadcasters like Yahoo, AOL Music and Pandora. How high will these rates be? Around 100% of a small webcasters revenue, give or take a few points, in most cases.

While Treasure Island Oldies is based in Canada and not affected by any other country's laws, tarrifs and legislation, I feel compelled to support my Internet Radio colleagues in the United States.

For more information and to participate with your support, go to Save Net Radio.

Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Hi, just wanted to give you a reminder that this weekend you need to re-set your clocks to Daylight Savings Time. Treasure Island Oldies is live as usual this and every Sunday from 6 to 10 p.m. Pacific Time. So be sure to have all your clocks "spring forward", as you won't want to miss any of this week's show.

See you Sunday.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blood Sweat & Tears - Voice Your Choice

Blood Sweat & Tears were originally formed as a jazz-rock group by Al Kooper (Royal Teens, Blues Project), Steve Katz, Bobby Colomby (who later went on to work as an A&R exec at Epic, Capitol, EMI and CBS Records), and Jim Felder. The line-up of the band changed several times and for a few years, one of my best friends, Darcy Hepner, played sax and flute, etc., as part of the touring band.

In 1969 David Clayton Thomas replaced Al Kooper, and the band took a more commercial direction. DCT had come from Toronto, where he had success with his two groups The Shays (Walk That Walk) and previously The Bossmen (Brainwashed, recorded for my friend Duff Roman's label Roman Records). Between 1969 and 1975 they only charted 10 songs but the success rate was impressive: three Top Five hits and three Gold Records.

This week on Treasure Island Oldies, Voice Your Choice spotlights Blood Sweat & Tears with two of their big hits: And When I Die and Hi-De-Ho. Have a preference? Come to the Voice Your Choice page and make your selection. As usual, we'll play the song with the most votes in Hour 3 of this week's show.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Classics IV - Single of the Week

With the benefit concert for Dennis Yost taking place March 25 (see below), I thought it would be fitting to feature the Classics IV.


The Producers - Contest Winner

I'd like to congratulate Beverley Woodburn from New Westminster, B.C., the winner of two tickets to the Opening Night performance of The Producers, the new Mel Brooks musical at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts. She was thrilled to have had her name drawn in the contest on Treasure Island Oldies. I also received a very nice note from her the the day after the performance thanking me for the opportunity to see the great stage performance.

It's always gratifying to have a happy contest winner, and Beverley is no exception. My thanks to Barb Fraser and Broadway Across Canada for this excellent promotion.


Dennis Yost Benefit Concert

Dennis Yost, the lead singer of the Classics IV, took a serious fall and hit his head last July 11, 2006. He was flown by medi-copter to the emergency room at a local hospital with serious brain trauma. Since then, he has been in and out of a coma, treated at nine separate facilities, and has undergone extensive rehabilitation. During all this time the medical bills have been piling up and he and his wife Linda have exhausted all of their financial means.

In order to provide some financial assistance to the Yosts, a benefit concert has been arranged for Sunday, March 25 in Cincinnati at Rhino's Live. Check out who is going to perform at this worthy benefit concert: Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), Mark "Flo" Volman (The Turtles), Diamond Dave Somerville (The Diamonds), Gretchen Christopher (The Fleetwoods), Joey Molland (Badfinger), Otis Williams & The Charms, Troy Shondell, Larry Henley (The Newbeats), John Buck Wilkin (Ronny & The Daytonas), Denny Laine (Moody Blues & Wings), Frankie Ford, and other surprise guests.

In addition, there will be a silent auction of memorabilia donated by various artists. But they are still welcome more items. If you have some music memorabilia you'd like to donate, contact Linda Walker at 770-957-0768.

If you'd like to send a card or letter to Dennis Yost, here is where to send it:
The Classics IV
PO Box 581
Slingerlands, NY

I know you join me in wishing Dennis Yost a full and speedy recovery.