Monday, September 01, 2008

This Week on Treasure Island Oldies

This week on Treasure Island Oldies
August 31st to September 6th 2008

Thanks for another fun Labour Day Special and for your requests. Every time I put together a special, it amazes me just how many songs fit into that particular theme. With this week's show, there were plenty of work related songs, lots of school related ones as well, plus a few songs added for the end of summer. And it turned into a blend of great music for four hours.

Our next special will be in two weeks time with The Name Game, an Encore Presentation of this popular special Sunday, September 14th. For our other upcoming special shows, be sure to check out the Schedule. Click Listen on the Menu then Schedules.

Over at the Treasure Island Oldies Blog, our Song of the Week is the fantastic Sam Cooke in a performance of You Send Me. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice presents Gene Pitney with two of his hit songs for your votes. Do you prefer I Must Be Seeing Things or Last Chance To Turn Around? Cast your vote by clicking the Voice Your Choice button on any page of the website. We'll play the winning song in Hour 3 of next week's show.

Nice to hear from several listeners about the Walker Brothers clip at the Blog a couple of weeks ago, including my longtime friend from my A&M Records days, James Monaco. Sam Ward in Mississauga, Ontario also sent a very nice note. Gordon from Australia emailed saying how much he is enjoying the show as a new listener and commented how he is hearing so many songs that he has not heard in many years. Thanks, Gordon. Angus Macdonald in Portland, Oregon sent a note to say he enjoys listening to the show as well. John Corbett sent in a request to play Report To The Nation by Winkly and Nutly on the Novelty Tune of the Week feature. They were actually Bob Mitchell and Jim Stag, two disc jockeys from KYA in San Francisco. John, be sure to listen to next week's show!

A reminder from UpSNAP that you can now listen to Treasure Island Oldies on your mobile cell phone at no cost. Your carrier airtime minutes and long distance rates apply. All you need to do is call (704) 631-4060. You’ll want to select #1 for Mobile Radio from the main menu and then #9. You will then be prompted to enter the following 4-digit ID code: 1765 for the Archive of the latest show, or 1121 to hear the live show Sunday nights. I've listened to the Archive show and it's cool to hear it via the phone.

Ian Chapman played a rare song by The Dixie Cups on this week's feature. Be sure to listen once again next week for another great story and song on Ian Chapman's Girl Groups ONLY on Treasure Island Oldies.

Lots of listeners have signed their name to the Treasure Island Oldies World Map. I invite you to sign the map as well. Just click on the World Map, then fill in your name, city and any comment you'd like to make. You'll join the many listeners who have put themselves on the Treasure Island Oldies World Map. Let the world know you're a proud listener!

If you missed the live show, you can enjoy the Archive of August 31st, 2008, our Labour Day Special, click the Listen button on the Menu.

Have a good week. Bye for now.