Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies

March 27th, 2011 to April 2nd, 2011I am writing this week's update from Regina, Saskatchewan, where I am all this week on a business trip. It's snowing lightly outside; better outside than inside, that's for sure. Living on the West Coast of Canada, we get quite spoiled. It doesn't snow often in the winter in Vancouver and when it does it is rarely much of an accumulation. Regina is a different story; they get lots of snow and very cold temperatures in winter. I will be pleased to be back home in time for next week's show.

We have been having some ongoing technical issues with our Real Media LIVE feed. The Archive has not been affected, as our webmaster, Eddy Fisher, has done his magic making the Real Media Archive sound great. In the next couple of weeks we will be making a decision as to whether we cancel the LIVE Real media feed altogether. If we do, please know that there will still be an Archive of the show in Real Media. Fortunately, the Windows Media live stream is sounding great. I'll keep you informed of the progress we make and the final decision.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Tom Locke, the creator and writer of our weekly feature, Moment In Time. Also Happy Birthday to Rich Howe in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. It was great hearing from his wife, Kitten, with her special request to play Spiral Staircase and More Today Than Yesterday. If you have a birthday coming up, I'd like to help celebrate it with all the Treasure Island Oldies listeners. Send the details of your birthday to I'll then wish you Happy Birthday on the show and also play our official birthday song for you, Birthday by The Beatles.

Be sure to join us for our next Annual Special on April 10, 2011. It's the One Hit Wonders Special, and yes again, there are enough One Hit Wonders, artists who had a big hit on the charts, but were never able to repeat that initial success. When you hear some of the songs, you'll be thinking to yourself, "How is it that they never had another hit. This song is so good!". If there is a song by an artist who only had one hit record that you'd like to hear, be sure to let me know. Click the Requests button on any page of the website, or call the 24/7 Listener Line at 206-339-0709 to record your voicemail greeting and song request. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing the Flaming Ember from Detroit, Michigan. They were signed to Hot Wax Records, a label started by the songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, who defected from Motown Records to start both the Invictus and Hot Wax labels. Westbound #9 is our Song of the Week. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice presents Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds with Don't Pull Your Love and Falling In Love (Again). Which song would you like to hear? Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page. We'll play the winning song in the 3rd hour of next week's show.
It brings me back to the transistor radio era all over again! I'm having a blast showing friends and colleagues how cool it is to be able to listen to the show via a smartphone, and in my case my iPhone. If you own a smartphone, this is for you. You  can now listen to the live show Sunday nights as well as the Treasure Island Oldies 24/7 Stream on your smartphone (Android,  iPhone or  Windows). WunderRadio is the app you need to buy; and reasonably priced at only $6.99. You can get the app at Here's the link for the live stream: And this is the link for the 24/7 Stream: the world know you're a proud listener of Treasure Island Oldies. Send in your name, photo, city and province or state for the Listener Gallery to and our Webmaster, Eddy Fisher, will post it on the Listener Gallery page along with the many already received.

You can also let all your friends know you enjoy the show with your personal Treasure Island Oldies Email Signature. A selection of complimentary signatures to be placed at the end of your outgoing emails is available for download. Click Goodies on the upper menu on any page on the website. Thanks to the many folks that have downloaded their own copy of the Email Signature. That's great!

I hope you have a great week and see you next Sunday for the live show.

Bye for now.