Monday, June 20, 2011

Paul Peterson My Dad - Song of the Week

Paul Peterson co-starred with Shelley Fabares on The Donna Reed Show in the early '60s. As was common back then, show stars often ended up with a recording contract. In fact, often the movie studio owned the record label too. An example is Columbia Pictures which owned Colpix Records, the label both Shelley and Paul recorded with.

In 1962, Paul Peterson recorded a song which has since become the definitive Father's Day song, My Dad. The video clip of him performing the song on the TV show is not available to be embedded, so I thought I'd play for you My Dad by Paul Peterson, but with a Father's Day video tribute to Chuck Connors who played Lucas McCain on The Rifleman. Johnny Crawford played his son Mark McCain. There is some wonderful interaction between Johnny Crawford (who also had a short-lived but successful recording career when he was with Del-Fi Records).

Here there is a Tribute to Chuck Connors with Johnny Crawford, and the song My Dad, sung by Paul Peterson.

Happy Father's Day!