Monday, July 04, 2011

Made In Canada - Songs of the Week

I'd like to begin this week's Made In Canada tribute here on the Treasure Island Oldies Blog with The Diamonds, from Toronto.

Their version of the Gladiolas' regional hit, Little Darlin' became an international smash and of the of the cornerstone records of the Rock & Roll Era.


And for something extra, here are a few videos of Artists I signed to A&M Records when I was the head of the Artist & Repertoire Department:

Here's Bryan Adams and his summer anthem, Summer Of 69


Another signing I am very proud of was The Payolas. Like Bryan Adams, they were from Vancouver, British Columbia. Here they are with the classic Eyes Of A Stranger. Incidentally, the lead singer is Paul Hyde and the guitar player is Bob Rock, who went on to become one of the top five record producers in the world!

I'm also pleased to play an artist I signed to A&M Records, but also left to become his manager. Here is Paul Janz with his Top 5 hit, Every Little Tear.

And finally, here is the red hot R&B group from Toronto, The Arrows featuring Dean McTaggart on lead vocals (and the songwriter in the group) and the great sax player, the late Earl Seymour with Heart Of The City from their second album we did with them, The Lines Are Open.