Monday, September 02, 2013

Richie Knight and The Mid-Knights 50th Anniversary Reunion

50 years ago in 1963, Richie Knight and The Mid-Knights made history when they scored the first-ever Number One record by a Canadian band on 1050 CHUM, Toronto. This had never happened previously and the smash success of Charlena (a song they covered with a completely different arrangement than was done by The Sevilles from the USA), opened the doors for tons of other artists and groups in Toronto.

I'm pleased to call two members of the group long time friends of mine. George Semkiw, founded the Mid-Knights, and in later years had his own successful recording studio. I met George through another member of the group, Doug Chappell. Doug and I worked together for years at A&M Records, where Doug became Vice-President Promotion and I was Vice-President Artist & Repertoire. It was a real treat for me to have a visit with Doug and his wonderful wife Ann when I was in Toronto last October.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Charlena, all original members of Richie Knight and The Mid-Knights got back together and performed at The Brawley.

I'm pleased to present this historic reunion of Richie Knight and The Mid-Knights and congratulations on the 50th Anniversary.