Monday, April 04, 2016

Malcolm Tomlinson, my first artist signing to A&M Records, has passed away at age 69

As I said in this week's Island Update, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Malcolm Tomlinson, the first artist I signed to A&M Records not long long after I joined the label back in late 1975. We did two albums with Malcolm, his debut LP Coming Outta Nowhere, produced by Jack Richardson (Bob Seger, The Guess Who, Poco, etc.), and Rock and Roll Hermit, produced by John Anthony (Ace, Queen, Genesis, Roxy Music, etc.).

As a tribute to Malcolm, here are two music clips, with song cool photos. The first is a song from Coming Outta Nowhere. Fiddler's Green featured Papa John Creech on fiddle and Danny Marks on Guitar.

The second song is from years later when he played with the Cameo Blues Band. His voice shines on this.

It was a great experience working with Malcolm Tomlinson and I am very proud to have signed him to A&M Records.

Thanks, Malcolm. RIP