Monday, June 13, 2016

Tribute to Tim Ryan R.I.P. - Lead Singer for Jackson Hawke

Tim Ryan, the lead singer from a great group from the mid '70s, Jackson Hawke, died after complications after heart surgery. Tim was 67. He and Bob Yeomans had been signed to CBS around 1976. I really liked them a lot. In fact, when they left CBS I tried to sign them in a split deal between A&M Records and with my friend Shelly Siegel's Mushroom Records. Sadly it didn't happen. But both Tim and Bob were great guys and very talented, and I LOVED Tim Ryan's voice!

Aside from the tribute I paid to him on this week;'s show, here is a live acoustic performance from December 8, 2007 of Tim performing a great version of Van Morrison's Into The Mystic.

Tim Ryan, R.I.P.