Monday, July 11, 2016

This Week on Treasure Island Oldies - Week of July 10th, 2016

July 10th to July 16th, 2016

Thanks again for your ongoing comments on the Music of Canada Special last week. Daryl Darnell in the US sent an email to say how much he enjoyed it and that I could "do this special more than once a year, it would be fine with me" he said. He commented that there are so many talented artists that he didn't know were Canadian; for example, Percy Faith and Jackie Shane. Daryl closed off by saying that he will "never forget the kind words spoken about my country from Byron McGregor and Gordon Sinclair". Thanks very much Daryl. Hearing from listeners about the show or specific specials makes it all worthwhile to me and I very much appreciate it.

I was also surprised and pleased to receive a letter in the mail from Patrick Robic in Leibnitz, Austria. Patrick wanted to let me know he heard the show on Shortwave via IBC, the Italian Broadcasting Corporation, one of our many Broadcast Partners Network stations. He said the reception was good with no interference from other stations. Thanks, Patrick, so nice to receive your letter.

One of the most enjoyed specials of the year returns July 31st, the annual Instrumental Gems Wordless Wonders Special. Join me for the Live show Sunday, July 31st and the following day via the Archives at the Listen page of the website. Over the decades of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, there were very many instrumental records released. Our special will spotlight many of them over the four hours. If there is an instrumental record that is special to you, please let me know. Either send an email by clicking the Requests logo on the left side of the website on any page or call and record your voicemail request message on the Treasure Island Oldies Listener Line. The number to call is 641-715-3900 and then key in the extension 716181#. Now here's another tricky part: after your record your message you must press #1 or your call will not be saved. I know, I's complicated. We are looking into alternate resources for a different phone line. If and when we find a more suitable one, we will initiate the service and I will let you know.

My Generation Posters has released some very cool new products and I invite you to check out their website for the details. As well, when you are ready to checkout, be sure to enter the code: summer50 at checkout. You'll get 50% off your ENTIRE order! But hurry this Summer 50% Off Sale ends July 30th. So be sure to visit their website soon to find more details, and sign up for their weekly newsletter. You'll be among the first to know about the upcoming weekly specials. And be sure to also let them know you heard their commercial on Treasure Island Oldies.

If your birthday is coming up soon, please be sure to let me know so that I can celebrate your special day on the show. Send the details to I’ll wish you Happy Birthday during the show and also play Birthday by The Beatles for you.
The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing the Number One song on this week's Top 5 Countdown from 1960. It's the Hollywood Argyles with Alley Oop. It's our Number One Song of the Week. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice presents Carly Simon with two of her signature hits. Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page for either That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be or Anticipation. I’ll play the winner on next week’s show.

Here’s this week’s Rock and Roll News Podcast.

Listen to the Top 5 Countdown from 1960.

Take care. See you next week on The Island.

Bye for now.