Monday, July 06, 2009

Mashmakhan - Song Of The Week

In celebration of our annual Music of Canada Special on Treasure Island Oldies, here is a rare clip of Mashmakhan, taken from the music documentary movie Festival Express. Festival Express was unique among rock festivals - rather than being held in one location, it was staged in three - Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary (Vancouver was to have been the fourth city, but was canceled due to "anti-hippie" edicts from Vancouver mayor Tom Campbell). The idea was that rather than flying to each city, the musicians would travel by chartered Canadian National Railways train, fostering an atmosphere of musical creativity and closeness between the performers. The trips between cities were a mix of jam sessions and partying, fueled by excess alcohol. Among the memorable scenes depicted in the film was a drunken and acid-fueled jam with The Band's Rick Danko, the Dead's Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir, and Janis Joplin.

Mashmakhan perform As The Years Go By, which started with a jam that lasts over a minute and a half. But the wait is worth it. Enjoy this rare clip.