Monday, July 06, 2009

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies

July 5th to 11th, 2009

I have to thank you very much for the immediate comments and feedback I have already received about this week's Music of Canada Special. I was absolutely blown away by how may non-Canadian listeners were completely familiar with some of the artists whose records did not hit the Billboard chart. Linda in LaHabra, California floored me when she raved about hearing Brainwashed by David Clayton Thomas and the Bossmen. And there were many other examples. Another listener, Rich in Hillside, Illinois suggested that there was so much great music made in Canada that he'd love to hear the Music of Canada Special every July, but also several other times in the year. Thanks for the suggestion, Rich. It was also fun to run down some of the everyday inventions that we all take for granted that were invented in Canada. Of course, we will continue with our weekly Made In Canada feature in the first hour of the show.

It was great the way the Nuts in the Hut welcomed both Shirley from Cincinnati, Ohio and Paul (Music000) from Ellicott City, Maryland to the Chat Room. It was great to get his input on the songs being played on the show. The Chat Room regulars were impressed with his music knowledge. Next Sunday you should consider stopping by the Chat Room for a visit. Click Chat on the Menu for complete directions on how to log into the Chat Room.

It was wonderful to play some great Terry Black records for you as well. Sadly, he lost his life at 62 from Multiple Sclerosis. He was the first artist to be signed to Lou Adler's then brand new label, Dunhill Records, which later became home to the Mamas and Papas, Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night and others in later years. He had a hit single in Canada and the United States called Unless You Care plus other solo hits in Canada. He later became a member of Dr. Music and married one of the group's members, Laurel Ward. Together they recorded and scored a hit with Goin' Down (On The Road to L.A.). I was a friend and fan of Terry Black. He'll be missed.

We've got another special coming up for you before the end of July. It will be a Cover Tune Special. Tom Locke, who researches and writes the Moment In Time weekly feature on the show, are hard at work planning this special. Tom will join me in the studio for this special. Looking forward to it. I will let you know the exact date next week. Be sure to listen to one of the most popular annual specials, the Instrumental gems - Wordless Wonders Special live Sunday, August 2nd. And don't wait to get your requests in that show. There tends to be a lot of songs listeners want to hear. Click the Requests button on any page of the website and drop me a note. Or give me a call on the Treasure Island Oldies Listeners Request Line. Call us 24/7 at 206-203-4678 and record your voicemail request message. I'll play it back on the show, along with your song.

In celebration of our Music of Canada Special, this week at the Treasure Island Oldies Blog we present a rare clip of Mashmakhan performing As The Years Go By. Taken from the movie documentary Festival Express, it starts out as a jam for about the first minute and a half then goes right into the song. I had never seen it before although I was aware of the music festival that went from city to city on a train. I am sure you'll enjoy our Song of the Week.

Next week on Voice Your Choice we spotlight Bob Dylan with two of his classic songs: I Want You and Just Like A Woman. Cast your vote for the song you'd like me to play. Just click the Voice Your Choice button on any page of the website and make your selection. We'll play the winner in Hour 3 of next week's show.

Have a great week and I hope you are enjoying summer, or winter if you're Down Under.

Bye for now.