Monday, November 14, 2011

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies

November 13th, 2011 to November 19th, 2011

Testing 1 2 3...Can you still think after adding up all those numbers? LOL I've received great comments about the show, saying it was so much fun to even try to keep up with the running total. Another listener commented that they had no idea there were so many songs with numbers in the song title. All in all, it seems that our Music By Numbers Special has added up to equal a success! I won't be showing the Playlist for this week's show until the end of the week, because you have until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time in Vancouver on Saturday, November 19th, 2011 to enter the Music By Numbers Contest. There will be a prize for the correct total of all songs that were played on the Music By Numbers Special. The prize is a copy of Rock 'N' Roll Trivia by Michael Harling, signed by the author! To enter the contest, send your full name, mailing address, along with the correct answer to the total value of all songs played on the Music By Numbers Special to I'll announce the grand total of all songs played on the Special during next week's show, at which time I will also announce the name of the winner of the contest, should there even be a correct entry. LOL Good luck and remember, if you did not hear the entire show, you can listen to the entire show Archive again at the Listen page. Select the Real Media version of the November 13th show, or you can catch it on the 24/7 Stream in Windows Media of the three most recent shows.

In keeping with our Music By Numbers theme, the Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing an amazing live performance of Chuck Berry with Sweet Little Sixteen. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Chris Whitmer in Iowa City, Iowa, and to Connie Canode in Madison, Wisconsin. Hope you both have a great celebration of your special day. And if you've got a birthday coming up, send the details to me at I'll wish you Happy Birthday on the show and play our official birthday song for you by The Beatles, Birthday.

I am very pleased and proud of the continued growth of Treasure Island Oldies. I'm proud that it is one of the longest running radio shows in the world on the Internet, every week since 1997. I'm also proud of the on-going growth of the Broadcast Partner Network, a collection of great AM, FM and Online Radio Stations in Canada, United States, England, Scotland, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, and most recently, Germany. I am honoured to be on over 25 radio stations around the world. Thank You for your support!

Voice Your Choice presents The Box Tops with two of their hits: Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March  and Cry Like A Baby. Cast your vote for the song you'd like to hear at the Voice Your Choice page. We'll play the winning song in the 3rd hour of next week's show.

I am seriously considering to no longer having a dial-up 56k stream available. Before I make my decision, with major input from my Webmaster, Eddy Fisher, I would like to hear from you. Do you use dial-up versus broadband? If so, do you know what the highest bit rate your modem can support? I do not mind continuing to offer it, unless there is no long any demand for it. Please let me know your thoughts. Drop a note to me at I look forward to an interesting conversation.

I am pleased with the number of new Friends connecting on Facebook. I'm particularly pleased to have recently become friends with B.J. Thomas, my friend Kirk LaPointe, legendary DJ Duke Roberts (who had been known earlier as Bob Baker). We had a neat chat about someone we knew in common, the great Barry White. I also connected with Jimmy "Just A Dream" Clanton, and this week I became friends with the man who had the smash hit Poetry In Motion, Johnny Tillotson. Let's become friends on Facebook.

I have come across another app for your iPhone and Android. It's by TuneIn Radio, and comes in both free and paid versions. Using your smartphone, search for TuneIn Radio in your app store. Please let me know if you know of other apps that you would like to pass on to me and I'll let everyone know. And as a reminder, here are the links you need to listen to the show wherever you are. To listen to the 24/7 Stream, here's the link: I would really like to hear from you with your thoughts and comments. In the meantime, I'm working on getting a live stream, specifically for the Live show Sunday nights. I'll keep you informed.

Let the world know you're a proud listener of Treasure Island Oldies! Send in your name, photo, city and province or state for the Listener Gallery to and our Webmaster, Eddy Fisher, will post it on the Listener Gallery page along with the many already received.

Show your support for Treasure Island Oldies with your own Email Signature. A selection of complimentary signatures to be placed at the end of your outgoing emails is available for download. Click Goodies on the upper Menu on any page on the website. Thanks to the many folks that have downloaded their own copy of the Email Signature. That's great!

I hope you have a great week and see you next Sunday for the live show.

Bye for now.