Saturday, October 27, 2012

Radio Performers Lunch

Many years ago now my good friend and broadcast pioneer Red Robinson and I started a group we called RPM, Radio Performers Membership. It started as a result of attending the funeral for radio personality Rick Honey. Comments were made that we only get to see each other and have a visit when one of us died and that's just not right.

So RPM began. Over the years this has grown into a semi-annual get together for lunch and social time. This week was the fall lunch with over 65 attending. And not all are retired or out of work, many are still on the air today.

It was good to see my old friend Terry David Mulligan (pictured on the left with yours truly). He was a former RCMP officer turned DJ, working as a "Good Guy" at C-FUN Vancouver. Today Terry does a weekly radio show about wine. It's a tasty show. :-)

Global TV News' Mike McCardell came by and shot some cool footage and did a few interviews. Below is a clip.

My thanks to my great friend Red Robinson and to Gord Landsell for continuing the RPM tradition in such a successful way.