Monday, October 22, 2012

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies - October 21st to 27th, 2012

October 21st, 2012 to October 27th, 2012

October 21st, 2012 - what a day! And what a great 60th Birthday Celebration we had on the show. I would immediately like to thank my good friend Matt Meaney who lives in Langley, BC. You came up with the idea of contacting all the regular Nuts in the Hut, the Treasure Island Oldies Chat Room. He contacted Eddy Fisher, our excellent Webmaster, and got the additional help of the Old Relic Retriever, Rick Canode in Madison, Wisconsin. Together they conspired to get recorded birthday greetings from long-time listeners and friends. Matt, thank you for all your hard work; and thank you Rick and Eddy for making it all happen and come together for playback on the show. 

My thanks to the following friends for their recorded birthday wishes: Matt Meaney, Fay Greenwood, Rick Canode, Red Robinson (what an amazing and fun recording he made for me and all the voice characterizations are done by Red!), California Barb, Rich and Kitten Howe, and Radio 88 in Gothenburg, Sweden. They were the very first station to carry Treasure Island Oldies on their station. Eight years later and thanks to the late Ulf Ligander, whose idea it was to carry my show on Radio 88, we are still on the station every week. Additional thanks go out to Guylaine Côté for her greeting. She used to listen to my show in 1974 when I worked at CFOM in Quebec City and has been listen to my show for several years now. Thanks to Bruce Toews, Roy Geldart, Sunny, California Barb, Shirley, and Lenny Bronstein. He and I both worked at A&M Records, he was in Los Angeles and I was in Toronto. We've kept in touch through the years and he never misses my birthday. And what a fun birthday song he sent too.  

I'd like to say thanks to Linda Guy for her wishes and for the Sheriff John's Birthday Song. He was such a staple on TV in Los Angeles with so many kids growing up with him. That song had a real classic Gene Autry feel to me. Great. And last, but not least, my thanks to Paul Evans for taking the time to send his greeting. He's such a nice guy and I'm pleased he had those big hits like Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat) and Happy Go Lucky Me. He's just a nice guy. And if that wasn't more than enough, I received over 90 birthday wishes from friends on facebook. Wow! All in all, it was a wonderful 60th birthday celebration. Thank you very much.

Speaking of birthdays, my best wishes for a Happy Birthday go out to Mike Dillon in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Jimi Bertucci, from the group Abraham's Children, Jamie Anstey in Vancouver, and to Bette Carl and Kern Walker. If you have a birthday coming up, send the details of your name, city and birthday date to I'll help you celebrate by wishing you Happy Birthday on the show and I'll also play Birthday by The Beatles

Be sure to join us for the 16th Annual Halloween Spooktacular. We'll be coming to you Live from the Island Crypt Sunday, October 28 at 6 pm Pacific time. The Halloween Spooktacular is considered by long time listeners as one of the two best shows of the entire year. The other being, of course, the Traditional Treasure Island Oldies Christmas Special. So I invite you to join be as I turn into Count Michael for next week's show. Listen - if you dare!

We're keeping the party going at the Treasure Island Oldies Blog with Lesley Gore and It's My Party. It's our Song Of The Week. Enjoy!

There will be no Voice Your Choice on next week's Halloween Spooktacular. Voice Your Choice returns Sunday, November 4 with Tommy Roe and two of his many hit records. Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page for either Sheila or Sweet Pea. I'll play the winning song in the 3rd hour of the show.

Here is this week's Rock & Roll News for the Week of October 21st, 2012

And here's the Top 5 Countdown from this week in 1957.

Once again, thanks for a fun birthday party with you. I had a great time.

See you next week for the 16th Annual Halloween Spooktacular.

Bye for now.


P.S. My thanks to listener Jeff March in Davis, California for the photo of Happy Birthday Michael birthday cake.