Monday, July 29, 2013

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies - Week of July 28th, 2013

July 28th, 2013 to August 3rd, 2013

We had quite a variety of music on the show this week, including some great Motown hits, some Lost Treasures, your requests and our tribute to the late J.J. Cale. What a great guitarist, songwriter and vocalist he was, and very influential as well. Please check out the Treasure Island Oldies Blog for the announcement posting of his passing.

Next week on the show, it's one of the most popular and eagerly anticipated specials of the year. It's the Annual Instrumental Gems Wordless Wonders Special, Live Sunday, August 4th and later on the Archives at the Listen page. If there is a particular instrumental song you'd like to hear, let me know. Click the Requests Button on any page of the website, or call the Treasure Island Oldies Listener Line at 206-339-0709. I look forward to hearing from you.

There were no birthdays to announce on the show this week. However, if you have a birthday coming up, I invite you to let me know so that I can wish you Happy Birthday on the show and play Birthday by The Beatles for you. Send the details to
The Treasure Island Oldies Blog pays tribute to J.J. Cale with a great live performance of After Midnight. It's our Song of the Week. R.I.P. J.J.

Voice Your Choice presents an under-rated music arranger and producer, who was the very first to recognize the talent that the Beatles had. He signed them to a record deal in Germany. This week we present Bert Kaempfert as part of the Annual Instrumental Gems Wordless Wonders Special. Cast your vote for either Red Roses For A Blue Lady or Wonderland By Night. I'll play the winner in the 3rd hour of next week's show.

Here's the Rock And Roll News for the week of July 28th

Listen to the Top 5 Countdown from 1956

See you next week for the Annual Instrumental Gems Wordless Wonders Special on Treasure Island Oldies.
Bye for now.