Monday, July 01, 2013

O Canada - Song Of The Week

In recognition of Canada Day and the Music Of Canada Special on Treasure Island Oldies this week, here is the National Anthem of Canada, O Canada. It was recorded by a multitude of Canadian artists at studios located across Canada. It was produced and arranged by Eric Robertson, engineered and mixed by Hayward Parrot, with executive producer and broadcaster, Ross Carlin.

Ross contacted by back in 1992 to help organize the studio and artists for the west coast portion of the sessions. I was able to also get Hayward Parrott involved along with Manta Sound Studios in Toronto. I also did this for the Northern Lights mammoth recording project for Tears Are Not Enough, a multi-artist recording for African Famine Relief.

Here then is O Canada, the video version of how we closed the Music Of Canada Special.

Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!


And then there is this innovative version of O Canada. :-)