Monday, November 11, 2013

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies - Week Of November 10th, 2013

November 10th, 2013 to November 16th, 2013

It was great getting together with you again this week on Treasure Island Oldies. I must tell you what happened this week regarding the first song I played to start off the show. I had decided I wanted to begin with Watch Your Step by Bobby Parker. I love its high energy and how it was influenced by What’d I Say by Ray Charles. Two days later I was shocked to hear the news of his passing and then posted the news to the Treasure Island Oldies Blog. What a strange and odd coincidence! And then there was the news that Pete Haycock, the founder and guitarist with Climax Blues Band, had also passed away. I always try my best to recognize when one of our recording starts have passed and pay tribute to them on the show by playing a song or songs in their memory.

Speaking of memories, your memories will be rekindled by the songs you’ll hear next week on the Story Songs Special. It’ll be Live Sunday, November 17th beginning at 6 pm Pacific, and Later on the Archive. I remember conjuring up all kinds of images suggested in some of those story type records. For example, I’d often try to picture the images portrayed by Lorne Greene in Ringo. So I know you’ll enjoy hearing these great story songs next week on the show. Depending how late it is when you listen to the show, it could make great bedtime stories. J

Happy Birthday wishes go out this week to two long time listeners and friends: Connie Canode, in Madison, Wisconsin, and Chris Whitmer in Iowa City, Iowa. If you have a birthday coming up, I invite you to let me know so that I can wish you Happy Birthday on the show and play Birthday by The Beatles for you. Send the details to

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing the winner of Voice Your Choice this week. It’s Dusty Springfield with a tremendous live performance of All I See Is You. It’s our Song Of The Week.

Speaking of Voice Your Choice, Martha And The Vandellas are being featured. Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page for either I’m Ready For Love or My Baby Loves Me. I’ll play the winning song in the 3rd hour of next week’s Story Songs Special.

Here’s the Rock And Roll News for the Week of November 10th

Listen to the Top 5 Countdown from 1966

Have a great week.