Monday, May 12, 2014

This Week on Treasure Island Oldies - Week of May 11th, 2014

May 11th, 2014 to May 17th, 2014

What a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration we had on this week’s special edition of the show. And it’s so nice to be able to play all those great songs that refer to mother in the title and lyrics. And on top of that, the Chat Room was going strong with lots of conversation. A long time listener and occasional chat room visitor, Nancy from Niagara Falls stopped by to say hi and to wish a Happy Mother’s Day. She commented to me that no matter how long it is between her visits, she is always warmly welcomed by everyone. And that is exactly what the chat room is all about; it’s regular folks coming by to have a visit with each other and yours truly and it’s a very nice atmosphere without any attitude, hassling or foul language. Definitely worth your visit too. Come by during the live show next week. Click Chat on any page of the website and follow the simple instructions. Look forward to seeing you soon.

And we will definitely honour Dad on our Annual Father’s Day Special, coming up Sunday, June 15th, for the Live show. As in our Mother’s Day Special, we’ll have tons of songs for Dad throughout the four hour show. And if there’s a special song you’d like me to play, perhaps with a dedication too, just let me know. Click Requests on the website or Call the Listener Line at 206-339-0709 to record your message. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’d like to say hi and welcome two new stations to the Treasure Island Oldies Broadcast Partners Network: Peachland Radio is located in Peachland, British Columbia in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, wine, fruit, and golf country. As well a big hello to Able Radio in Cork, Ireland. We’ll be on that station every Thursday from 8 pm to midnight local time. It’s so nice to continue to grow the number of stations carrying the show. Thank you very much. More to come…

I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to Toni Howerton in Middletown, Ohio and also to my own Mom, Kathleen Godin, in Gatineau, Quebec. She’s turning 94 this week! Boy I am so lucky to have her still in my life and doing so well. And if you have a birthday approaching, be sure to let me know. I’d love to send best wishes your way for your special day and play Birthday by The Beatles. Send the info to

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is sticking with our Mother’s Day theme this week. It’s B.J. Thomas with Rock And Roll Lullaby and it’s our Song Of The Week. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice spotlights late 50s teen heartthrob, Frankie Avalon. Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page for either Why or Just Ask Your Heart. I’ll play the winner next week during the 3rd hour of the show.

Here’s the Rock and Roll News for the week of May 11th.

Listen to the Top 5 Countdown from 1967.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. I look forward to your company once again next week on Treasure Island Oldies.

Bye for now.