Monday, September 07, 2015

This Week on Treasure Island Oldies - September 6th to September 12th, 2015

September 6th, 2015 to September 12th 2015

Well well well. Resolve one issue and another surfaces. Last week we weren't able to bring you the show as a result of the severe wind storm knocking out power to over 710,000 homes and businesses in Greater Vancouver. That caused the power supply for the main computer that feeds the show audio to the network for re-distribution to be fried. Got that fixed and thought all would be well for this week's show. About two hours before the start of the show, Netfirms, the company that hosts this website and all of its links, went down. As they are a huge company, it would have affected in tens of thousands of websites to be down. Nonetheless, I began the show at the usual 6 pm Pacific time and hoped for the best. Fortunately some of the Broadcast Partners Network radio stations that simulcast the live show were still able to acquire the show stream, including The Legend in Indianapolis, Indiana. Just before the end of the 2nd hour, the website was back up and running and things started hopping. More folks placed their votes for Voice Your Choice. And the Chat Room regulars as well as new visitors were able to log in. It was really nice to have Scott return for a long overdue visit, after being away for several years. Phew! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Don't forget to gather around your speakers next week for our Story Songs Special. Whether it's the story about being in down in El Paso, or taking a trip to MacArthur Park, you're be enthralled with the great stories throughout the show. It'll be just like the old days when the family gathered around the radio set in the living room to hear the latest installment of their favour radio show. :-)

I'd like to extend warm birthday greetings and best wishes to Cindy Williams in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Scott Harmon in Phenix City, Alabama. Happy Birthday! If your birthday is coming up soon, the listeners and I would like to help celebrate your birthday with you. Send the details to I'll play Birthday by The Beatles for you and wish you Happy Birthday on the air.

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing The Beach Boys with a live performance of Be True To Your School. Check out their teacher being interviewed at the beginning. Good fun. It's our Song of the Week. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice presents The O'Jays, the pride of Clanton, Ohio. Cast your vote at the voice Your Choice page for either Love Train or Back Stabbers. I'll play the winner during next week's show.  

Here's this week's Rock and Roll News Podcast for the week of September 6th.

It's the Top 5 Countdown from 1962.  

That's a wrap for this week. Looking forward to your company next Sunday, September 13th for the Live show and the Story Songs Special.

Hope you have a great week. Take care.

Bye for now.