Monday, April 24, 2017

Paul Anka - Voice Your Choice

Paul Anka was born in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, on July 30, 1941 and began performing at age 12. His first label was RPM Records, for which he recorded a song called I Confess. That recording session in 1956 was financed by his father. Unfortunately, nothing happened. However, one year later he signed with ABC-Paramount and his career exploded.

His first single for ABC-Paramount, Diana, went all the way to Number One and became a Gold record. He achieved an impressive 53 songs on the Billboard chart with eleven in the Top Ten and three Gold records.

On Treasure Island Oldies, Voice Your Choice spotlights Paul Anka. Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page for either Lonely Boy or It's Time To Cry. I'll play the winner on next week's show.