Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Song Requests

Here at Treasure Island Oldies, I love playing the songs you want to hear; it gives me great pleasure to know I am playing something special for you.

Now there are two ways to send in your song requests. You can come to Treasure Island Oldies and click on the Requests button. It will open your email program and pre-address your email to me.

The second way is a lot more fun. Just call the Treasure Island Oldies 24/7 Request Line at 206-202-2866. You'll hear a message from me then all you do is leave your first name and the place you're calling from, along with the song you'd like to hear. You can also leave a short message or comment about the show if you like. I will do my best to play back your phone message and song request on the show. As the old TV ad went, "So you don't forget, call before midnight tonight". LOL That number again is 206-202-2866.

Hope to hear from you soon.