Monday, December 06, 2010

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies

Week of December 5th, 2010 to December 11th, 2010

It was great to play more Christmas and Holiday songs on this week's show. There is such a small window of time to play all the great Christmas music that has been recorded over the years; I could actually start at the beginning of November and still not get to play all the songs I'd like for you to hear. So on next week's show, it will be mostly Christmas tunes, with just a few exceptions. And I sure hope you can make plans to listen to the 14th Annual Christmas Special, live Sunday, December 19th. Even if you are not available on that Sunday, the Christmas Special will be archived for listening at any time throughout the Christmas Holidays for you to enjoy. And I would like to invite you to call the Treasure Island Oldies Listener Line at 206-203-4678 and record your Christmas Greeting for all the listeners to hear around the world. I'll play it back on the Christmas Special.

A big thank you to the many comments I continue to receive about how festive the website looks and how fun it is to check out all the various decorations. I have passed on your comments to Eddy Fisher, our Webmaster, and he has asked me to say thank you and that he appreciated hearing your kind thoughts.

If you have a birthday coming up, I'd sure like to help celebrate your special day with you and the Treasure Island Oldies Listeners. Send the info on your upcoming birthday to I'll wish you Happy Birthday on the show and play our official birthday song for you, Birthday, by The Beatles.

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing a Christmas classic by The Four Seasons: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. It's our Song of the Week. You'll see and hear the record playing. It may seem odd to watch a record playing, but it is not a common occurrence anymore. It's actually quite captivating. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice is keeping in the Christmas Spirit with two great songs by The Beach Boys for your votes. Would you like to hear Little Saint Nick or The Man With All The Toys? Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page. We'll play the winning song in the 3rd hour of next week's show.

Have you heard Treasure Island Oldies on your Smartphone yet? Didn't know you could? Well you sure can! Check out a cool app, WunderRadio. There is a version for an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or the new Windows Phone. Once installed, you'll be able to listen to Treasure Island Oldies whenever and wherever you are. Check it out. Happy Listening! By the way, I'd really like to hear from you once you've listened to the show using WunderRadio. Send your comments to

You can download the weekly Rock & Roll News as a Podcast? It's easy; go to iTunes and search for Treasure Island Oldies Rock & Roll News. There are now over 12,000 downloads of the Podcast every month! You can also listen to the Top 5 Countdown at any time, when you only have time to listen to a few songs. Go to the Listen page and click Top 5 Countdown.

Let the world know you're a proud listener of Treasure Island Oldies. Send in your name, photo, city and province or state for the Listener Gallery to and our Webmaster, Eddy Fisher, will post it on the Listener Gallery page along with the many already received. You can also let all your friends know you enjoy the show with your personal Treasure Island Oldies Email Signature. A selection of complimentary signatures is available for download. Click Goodies on the upper menu on any page on the website. Thanks to the many folks that have downloaded their own copy of the Email Signature. That's great!

I hope you have a great week and see you next Sunday for the live show.

Bye for now.