Monday, April 16, 2012

Peter, Paul & Mary - Voice Your Choice

Peter, Paul & Mary, a hugely successful folk trio, formed in New York City in the early 1960s. Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey and Mary Travers have performed for fans, heads of state, royalty and everyone in between, all over the planet.

They hit the charts an impressive twenty-three times between 1962 and 1972 and had 6 Top Ten hits, including a Number One and a Gold Record.

Sadly, Mary Travers died of leukemia in September 2009. However, their legacy of great music continues to live on with their fans everywhere.

This week on Treasure Island Oldies, Voice Your Choice presents Peter, Paul & Mary with two of their many hits for your votes. Would you like to hear Leaving On A Jet Plane or If I Had A Hammer? Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page. I'll play the winning song in the 3rd hour of next week's show.