Monday, April 02, 2012

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies

April 1st, 2012 to April 7th, 2012

Thanks for another great time together this week on Treasure Island Oldies. It's always a highlight of my week and I so much enjoy playing some of the greatest music ever recorded on the show. And I always enjoy hearing from you. I'd like to say hi to Damian in New Jersey, a new listener to the show. He's already hooked on the "Island" and has called into the show with several requests. Happy to play them for you. Anytime you'd like to hear a song, Call or Click. The Listener Line at 206-339-0709 is available 24/7 for your calls. Just record your voicemail message indicating your request. You can also Click on any page of the website for the Requests button. I'll be waiting.

This week's Top 5 Countdown is a milestone in history. Never before and never since this week in 1964 has the Top 5 been dominated by the same artist in every position. The Beatles completely invaded North America with the Top 5 songs this week ion 1964. Be sure to Listen to the Top 5 Countdown at the Listen Page and click Top 5 Countdown. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

If you have a birthday coming up, be sure to let me know. Send the details to and I'll wish you Happy Birthday on the show and play Birthday, our official birthday song by The Beatles, for you

Next week on the show it's our Annual One Hit Wonders Special. We'll pack the four hours with great hit songs that all have one thing in common. They were hits by artists who appeared on the charts one time only. And many were Top Ten smashes. Nonetheless, they were never able to follow-up that initial success with another hit. I look forward to bringing this special to you every year, and especially next week.

The show continues to grow, and in more than one way. The Rock & Roll News, as you know, is a regular weekly feature. It's also available as a
Podcast, available from many sites, including and iTunes. The volume of downloads has increased so much in the past couple of months, that I have had to upgrade to a new level. This allows more downloads and it has already made a huge difference. The Rock & Roll News Podcast is now regularly downloaded in such diverse places as Turkey, Spain, Paraguay, Taiwan, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, India, Mexico, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Brasil, New Zealand, Singapore, and so many other countries. This Podcast is now among the Top 1000 Podcasts in the World. Thank you very much! You can listen to the Rock & Roll News Podcast here.

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing Edison Lighthouse with lead vocalist Tony Burrows, who was our featured artist on Voice Your Choice this week. Here they are with Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes), our Song Of The Week. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice is spotlighting TWO One Hit Wonders, in conjunction with our One Hit Wonders Special next week on the show. Would you like to hear Liar, Liar by The Castaways or The Count Five with Psychotic Reaction? Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page. We'll play the winner in the 3rd hour of next week's show.

I've now had many listeners let me know how pleased they are to be able to listen to the show while they are on the go via their smartphones by using the Tune In Radio app. You can listen to the latest show, the Rock & Roll News Podcasts, and the live show as well. Just be sure that to do a search for the live show, it will have to have started in order for it to appear in the live stations results. Get more out of your iPhone or other smartphone with the Tune In Radio app, available at iTunes.

Hope you have a great week. See you on next week's show.

Bye for now.