Monday, April 08, 2013

The Young Rascals - Song Of The Week

It sounded so good when I played it on Treasure Island Oldies show this week, that I decided to play The Young Rascals for you this week here at the Treasure Island Oldies Blog.

These guys were managed by Sid Bernstein, the impresario who brought The Beatles to New York City to perform. Sid was a friend of DJ Murray The K who was quite influential on the radio with listeners. Initially their record company, Atlantic Records was not keen on releasing Groovin' as a single. They were, after all, a rock band. Murray had heard the song in the studio at the invitation of their manager, Sid. Murray then convinced Atlantic to release it as a single saying it was going to be a smash. They did and it was.

Here are The Young Rascals performing Groovin'. It's our Song Of The Week.