Monday, April 26, 2010

This Week On Treasure Island Oldies

This week on Treasure Island Oldies
April 26th, 2010 to May 1st, 2010

Things are getting very exciting around the Island as we get ready for our 13th Anniversary Special next Sunday, May 2nd. I know you won't want to miss this special celebration. And I welcome your participation in this special event. Call the Treasure Island Oldies 24/7 Listener Line at 206-203-4678 and record your greeting; or send your thoughts and wishes via email to an. Either way I will read your email or play back your telephone message on the show next week.

Some regular listeners are either not feeling well or are on the mend. Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Craig Smith in Newmarket, Ontario, who just got home from the hospital; and to Guylaine Coté in Quebec City, Quebec, who is getting over recent surgery. Finally, get well wishes go out to George Mooth in Edwardsburg, Michigan. I hope you all feel 100% again very soon.

There have been some recent comments made to a posting I did almost four years ago in September 2006 at the Treasure Island Oldies Blog regarding the passing of Jamie Lyons from The Music Explosion. The first comment was from Jack Brooks who said "I'm Jack Brooks, 3rd and last bass player for the British Walkers. If these folks listed on Wikipedia as the members of The Music Explosion were indeed the members mentioned above, none of them were ever members of The British Walkers: James "Jamie" Lyons (singer, percussion) Donald Atkins (guitar) Richard Nesta (guitar) Burton Stahl (bass) Robert Avery (drums)". Today I heard from Burton Stahl who wrote "Jack, My name is Burton Stahl. I am the original founding member of the Music Explosion. We cslled (sic) ourselves the British Walkers after the shoe style. I think we kept the name for a few months. We changed it from the chosen few and then went to the Music Explosion." Amazing to receive these comments so after the fact. But it is not surprising, as our Blog has such high results when doing a Google search for "oldies blog". In fact, try it for yourself; you'll find that Treasure Island Oldies Blog is either #1 or #2 out of millions and millions of results!

I had the pleasure of being at a lunch in Vancouver last week for over 65 radio broadcasters. The event is called RPM (Radio Performers Membership), which I started with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ Red Robinson many years ago. What a treat is was to see so many old friends I have known for many years including Steve Herringer, Stirling Faux, Larry Hennessey, Roy Hennessy, Brian Antonson, and so many others. It had been a few years since the last RPM lunch, but the wait was definitely worth it. I look forward to the next time we all get together again.

The Treasure Island Oldies Blog is playing another great video clip for you again this week. I had a request from Vance in Everett, Washington, to play the B side of Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares. I did play his request, Where's It Going To Get Me on this week's show. But I thought it would be fun to play the original A side hit. From TV's The Donna Reed Show, here is Shelley Fabares with Johnny Angel, our Song of the Week. Enjoy!

Voice Your Choice is featuring a couple of songs by the pride of Shreveport, Louisiana, Brenton Wood. Both of his biggest of four hits were from 1967: The Oogum Boogum Song and Gimme Little Sign. Which would you like to hear? Cast your vote at the Voice Your Choice page by clicking the Voice Your Choice button on any page of the website. The winning song will be played in the 3rd hour of next week's show.

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