Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mystery Songs Solved

I occasionally receive emails from listeners asking about songs they somewhat remember but without much detail as to artist or accurate title. I am always pleased when I am able to provide the answers to their questions.

Here's some recent queries...

"Well, I wonder if you could help me..........I want a song called "Dear John" but I need to know the singer. I hear her in my mind but can't drag it out. Was it Jeannie Sealy? It was someone from that era." The song you are looking for is called "A Dear John Letter" by Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky, recorded in 1953. Skeeter Davis and Bobby Bare also recorded A Dear John Letter"in 1965. Hope this helps you. You are wonderful! Of course that's Jean Shepard's voice in my head. Both she and Jeannie Sealy have distinctive voices. Thank you so much.

"Who recorded Goodnight Irene? Was it the Weavers? Or am I in left field. Thanks ."
Yes indeed, Gordon Jenkins and The Weavers recorded Goodnight Irene. "Oh, thank you Michael. You are an absolute gem. "

Hi Michael - this one has bothered me for years and years but I can still hear it in my mind. Who sang the hit Heartache(s)? I believe the song you are think about is Heartaches by Somethin' Smith & The Redheads. It was a chorus of singers (kind of like Mitch Miller or Ray Conniff with their singers). Patsy Cline also recorded Heartaches. Somethin' Smith & The Redheads also recorded It's A Sin To Tell A Lie as well as In An Old Shanty Town. Is this the one you are humming to yourself? You are absolutely right - I can hear Patsy singing it in my mind. It wasn't a big hit with her. And I remember the other two songs, so guess I know this Smith guy - I was a Smith before I married many long years ago. One of my sister's married a Jones and my youngest daughter married a Jones. So I will look up Somethin' Smith (strange name). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Do you have a song you need help in identifying? I will do my best to solve your mystery song questions. Either post your question here at the blog by clickin on the comments link or send an email to me at I'll even do my best to play your song on Treasure Island Oldies.