Friday, May 26, 2006

They're Everywhere..They're Everywhere

Every day I check out my website to see where the visitors and listeners come from. And more and more, I keep getting blown away by the range of cities and countries where Treasure Island Oldies has listeners.

This week, for example, here's a small sampling of the places from which listeners have come to Treasure Island Oldies: Chase, British Columbia; Cleveland, Ohio; Royton, United Kingdom; Seattle, Washington; Toronto, Ontario; Madison, Wisconsin; Kitchener, Ontario; Torreon, Mexico; Canberra, Australia; Surrey, British Columbia; Los Angeles, California; Hong Pui Tsuen, Hong King; Oxford Park, Australia; Fleet, United Kingdom; Canton, Ohio; Chatillon, France; Vancouver, British Columbia; Chicago, Illinois; Halle, Belgium; Herndon, Virginia; Arnold; United Kingdom; Lingolsheim, France; Charlotte, North Carolina; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Cambridge, Ontario; Laranca Beach, Cyprus; and so many many more places.

I'd like to both welcome you and thank you for coming to Treasure Island Oldies and for listening to the show. I'm not sure if you know know just how much it means to me to be able to play great songs for you all over the world!

Thanks again and see you for the live show this coming Sunday, May 28 and on the Archives thereafter.

Bye for now.