Sunday, May 14, 2006

Treasure Island Oldies To Air on Radio NAPA FM Cyprus

I am most pleased to announce that Radio NAPA-FM in Cyprus will begin airing Treasure Island Oldies on their radio station beginning this week (May 14, 2006). With 60.1% of all listeners in the south-west tuning in, Radio Napa is one of the fastest growing stations in the European Union. In the past two years it's been the only station in their country to broadcast the World Cup, the Olympics, Live 8, the Euro Championships, Premier League Football and many other top events.

Nathan Morley, General Manager of Radio NAPA-FM commented, "
I love the show, it fits in beautifully with what I am trying the create at Radio Napa". Well Nathan, I am very happy to share Treasure Island Oldies with your listeners and look forward to hearing from them with requests, dedications and comments.

Man, what a week!!! Hope you can listen to the 10th Annual Mother's Day Special today live from 6 to 10 p.m. Pacific, and later on the Treasure Island Oldies Archives.